Steve Shepherd

Born into a farming family in Warwickshire,  I have had an interest in wildlife and nature from a very early age, though my attitudes have changed over the years and also from those imposed on me at that early age, I now have a want and need to preserve and protect the wildlife and species of nature around us.

Over the last two and a half years I have been closely involved with Bristol Community Radio (bcfm) in a variety of shows.  I started from the grass roots, pre-recording small items for radio, then onto live items.  I completed the bcfm Radio Production Course and started to edit my own material, got involved in an aditional show,  then started to co-present, and fineally to produce the odd show from time to time.

I felt that a Wildlife and Nature programme was lacking on bcfm, and therefore decided to take forward an idea I had been nurturing for some time, and that was to produce and present such a show.  I spoke to friends and was also introduced to people by friends, who had a passion for wildlife and nature, and started to form a team of people who would co-present with me for this wildlife show.

The name of the show was to be called “Shepherds Way”.

I formed a team to help take my idea to a medium that would bring nature into peoples homes, and at the same time, try and encourage people in the community, to go out in Bristol and the surrounding areas, to see the many varied and beautiful forms of wildlife and nature that is scattered over this fresh and vibrant green city, and further afield too.