Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess was born in Bristol and spent his youth in Keynsham – where as a child, enjoyed pond dipping for newts and creepy-crawlies. During summer holidays from school, his parents had to put up with having the back garden turned into ‘Mike’s Mini Zoo’ – where friends would increase the menagerie by bringing their pets – to raise money for the local RSPCA.

Adult life found him moving to Devon, where he kept an avid interest in all things countrywise – including making his own cider, keeping chickens and goats! When surplus plants needed to find a home, he soon realised that selling plants from a table on the roadside might be a way forward to earning extra holiday money. This soon developed into full-time self employment and the creation of a rare plants seed company – which exhibited at Chelsea flower show for 8 years.

Mike loves nothing better than exploring the countryside, whether abroad or closer to home. He says “The chance to get involved with Steve’s program really ticks all my boxes – I love to get out and about, finding new places and people willing to share their love of all things natural – and have fun in the studio too! I look forward to sharing my knowledge of the animal and plant kingdom with the BCFM listeners”.